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1201131-19 :التعليم في العمل الاجتماعي في عظات الذهبي الفم الأربع على لو 16عيوش, دانيال البرتو 
22013(96) Theological reflection on the relationship of scripture and tradition as an example of ecumenical learningAyuch, Daniel Alberto 
32020Authority, Obedience, and Hierarchy in Christ: Christian Marriage and Postmodern ChallengesNassif, Bassam A. 
42016Bibelwissenschaft in der orthodoxen kirche. Erfahrungen und herausforderungen aus dem antiochenischen kontextAyuch, Daniel Alberto 
52011The bishop in the pastoral letters: insights for the contemporary episcopacyKhalil, Jack G. 
62012The book of joshua and the gospels. intertextuality of narrative and macronarrative patternsAyuch, Daniel Alberto 
72018Book review: Paul Nadim Tarazi. The rise of scripture. St. PaulAyuch, Daniel Alberto 
82017Book review: Sakari Häkkinen. The gospel of the poorAyuch, Daniel Alberto 
92012The canon for the feast of the prophet Elijah and its relation to 1-2 Kings: biblical narrative and its liturgical interpretationAyuch, Daniel Alberto 
102020A case study of a divorcee: spiritual direction and psychological insightNassif, Bassam A. 
112015The centurion and the widow (Luke 7:1-17) lucan narrative and the liberation of man from slavery and povertyAyuch, Daniel Alberto 
122017Christian military conscription and badal al'askariya in damascus Syria after the tanzimatNajm, Simon 
132019Christians and power: according to the Luke-acts diptychAyuch, Daniel Alberto 
142007Chrysostom's Unveiling of a New Ethos : The Social-Action Teaching in His Four Sermons on Luke 16:19-31Ayuch, Daniel Alberto 
152013Church as family: patriarch ignatius IVs pastoral vision of the churchNassif, Bassam A. 
162011Church fathers and biblical hermeneuticsAyuch, Daniel Alberto 
172011Defending the faith using logic and pastoral arguments: Theodore Abu Qurrah's innovationNassif, Bassam A. 
182009Des problèmes de traduction depuis une étude du passage Romain 4,17-25Khalil, Jack G. 
192015Discernment: spiritual eyeglasses for web surfersNassif, Bassam A. 
202013El pueblo de Dios según Romanos 9-11: Un acercamiento cristiano oriental a la identidad del olivo amado de DiosAyuch, Daniel Alberto