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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Performance analysis of an overlapped FFH - CDMA system for a wireless local area networkGhostine, Charbel; Hassan, Moustapha El 
2006Performance evaluation of a MAC protocol based on S-ALOHA/DS-CDMA over the IEEE 802.15 channel modelBedrossian, Dalal; Awaida, Souad
2008Quality of service provisioning & assurance in 3G networksSaid, Naji; Allawa, Marwan; Khoury, Wael
2013Quality of service seekerHoussein, Khaled; Salhab, Wisam
2005Smart antenna constructionBoustani, Abdelmenem Al; Shaib, Ali
2011SNR estimation in UWB and SIMO systemsAbou Rahal, Bechara; Mohaidly , Fadel; Labban, Hasan
2010Third generation cellular : "Diversity Combining"Obeid, Ali; Chehadi , Hicham; Haffar, walid
2007Throughput and average packet delay of R3T/DS-CDMA over the IEEE802.15 ultrawideband channelEl-Hage, Lameh; Tayyar, Fayez
2012Wireless alarm with decision making based on MC-CDMA on FPGA platformAbdo, Joe; Nassif, Jad; Chamoun, Mathieu
2016Wireless ultra-wide band in wireless personal area networkAntoun, Alexy