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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Palmprint recognition systemAbdelmalak, Assem; Choucair, Dany
2018Patterns of tumorigenic markers and impact of N-acetylation polymorphism in a Lebanese bladder cancer cohortKawak, Michelle El
2023Paws n' Claws pet centerOmran, Farah
2018Perception on the role of parents in their children's education and possible intersections with socioeconomic factors : perspectives from AkkarNaous, Shaza
2020Performance of the Q-checkerboard technique as a means to study the combination of four antibiotics against Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 29213Razzouk, Riyad
2020Pharmaceutical wastewater treatment by Titanium dioxide photocatalysis : case of Escitalopram oxalateKhalil, Mario
2018Photocatalysis of hospital waste water : case of amlodipineAyoubi, Sami; Chaoul, Ramy
2020Physio-chemical and microbial analysis of the Kadisha-Abou Ali river, North Lebanon
2020The portrayal of women in Arab music videos : a research oriented projectNajem, Gabriella
2022The possibility of using plastic instead of cement in constructionHawi, Elie
2022The post-crisis application of IFRS in Lebanese Alpha BanksIbrahim, Ayla; Saleh, Mia Sami
2023Post-traumatic stress disorder and resilience level in adolescentsKhoury, Cynthia
2021Preliminary steps to set up a private clinical laboratory in LebanonAyoub, Hajar
2021Prevalence and associated factors of burnout and anxiety among female migrant domestic helpers in LebanonAhmad, Sam
2022Prevalence of six gastrointestinal viruses among Lebanese patients with gastroenteritisMallah, Hiba
2022Prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse at Dar Al Wafaa primary healthcare centerFakih, Masa Al
2023The procurement managers perception about the supply chain strategies in the university affiliated hospitals in Beirut during turbulent timesOmer, Aya El; Najjar, Tala
2018Production of geopolymer on a laboratory scaleSawda, Christina El; Tabchoury, Genevieve; Zakhem, Myriam
2020Productivity evaluation of a jackhammer excavation operation using different queuing modelsKaram, Fahed
2019A project-based learning approach for grade 5 in collaboration with museumsKahhaleh, Mariane