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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023E-sport gaming arenaRabbaa, Roland Al
2019Eco-friendly mortar using wood ash and crumb rubber as partial replacements for cement and sandHallal, Fouad; Jerjes, Eva
2022Economic analysis and feasibility study of an organic waste managemenet [sic] management machineNicolas, Charbel
2023Effect of "IVDV", a thermomechanical treatment, on arachis hypogaea proteins : assessment of allergenicity in Balb/c miceLakkis, Jack
2023Effect of bee venom on hyperalgesia hot-plate latencyAbboud, Andrew
2021The effect of cuox-LDL and MPO modified LDL on THP-1 macrophage polarization in vitroAzar, Eliana
2020The effect of curing temperature and geometry on the compressive strength of geopolymer mortarAswad, Jad
2021Effect of different fibers on the performance of concrete structuresJabbour, Ralph
2019Effect of dysbiosis in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) via the modulation of the intestinal epithelial barrier : regulation of ROS productionAbou Jreich, Abou Jreich
2022Effect of expanded polystyrene beads on shear behaviorHanna, Ralph
2018The effect of heart rate variability biofeedback on stress in a Lebanese student population : an experimental studyFinianos, Jessica
2021The effect of magnolia offinalis extract on the liver of dhea-induced PCOS ratsSaade, Nouhad
2019The effect of magnolol on a polycystic ovary syndrome rat model with insulin resistanceNassar, Aline
2020The effect of management control on employee motivation and performance in Lebanese pharmaceutical firmsHabib, Tania
2019The effect of montivipera bornmuelleri venom on B16 and MCA cell lines and on the tumor size in miceHaddoub, Carol
2021The effect of MPO modified LDL on M1/M2 THP-1 macrophage repolarization in vitroFrangie, Christian
2018Effect of myeloperoxidase modified LDL on bovine and human aortic endothelial cellsSamad, Ghadir AbdelLatif El
2021The effect of narrative exposure therapy on disturbed self organisation in patients suffering from complex post traumatic stress disorder : quasi-experimental pre-post intervention pilot study on a sample of Syrian refugees in Dar El Zahra hospital Tripoli North LebanonMakkouk, Dina
2021Effect of pigments on the structural properties of reinforced concrete beamsSaade, Jad
2021Effect of plastics on concrete plain and structural propertiesKhalil, Mario