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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020CaO from local limestone : a novel catalyst for green diesel productionLattouf, Sally; Gerges, Habib
2022Capacity of reinforced concrete beams with minimum shear reinforcement strengthened with NSM CFRP rodsChami, Georges El
2023Capture, nurture and convert : a look at the inbound marketing strategies in the Lebanese advertising industry and their impact on conversion ratesAbboud, Nour; Mitri, Firas
2023A case study of teachers' and students' perceptions towards rubrics as learning tools in an intensive English oral communication skills courseSaleh, Jessica Janet
2022CFD investigation of bio-mimicry in aerodynamicsSemaan, Charbel
2023The challenges of sustainability accounting and possible ways to overcome themKhalaf, Mario
2023Chebyshev approximation technique: analysis and applicationsNicolas, Elie
2022Collision avoidance with machine learningGharib, Saeed Al
2021The colonial disease and intercultural encounters in Salih's Season of Migration to the North and Bowles's "A Distant Episode" and the Sheltering SkyTamer, lara
2022Combination of the modified TOPSIS and ITARA in housing assistance and building assessmentsKazzni, Hady
2022A comparative analysis and optimization of an automotive front bumper system using explicit finite elements method for high-velocity frontal impactSadaka, Tony E. Tarek Sadaka
2019Comparative analysis between different optimization-based frameworks for optimal sensor placement purposesDahr, Rena
2020Comparative cradle-to-grave life cycle assessment and water footprint scarcity of two packaging materials for carbonated beverages (polyethylene terephthalate versus glass) : a case study for a Lebanese industryBoutros, Marleine
2022Comparative modeling of ABE fermentation using wild-type and engineered speciesKhoury, Paul Al-
2023A comparative study of depression, anxiety and body image among breast cancer patients postmastectomy and breast recnstruction [sic] reconstruction in a hospital in the South of LebanonMobader, Riwa
2019Comparative study of solid waste treatment options in Tripoli using life cycle assessment methodMetlej, Reine
2018Comparison between CFRP wrapping and ACI confinement regulations on plastic hinge behaviorJoukhadar, Nicolas El
2021A comparison between two methods of adaptive mesh refinement for finite differences : one dimensional Dirichlet problemsIssi, Rudy
2022Complicated grief and depression after the dissolution of romantic relationshipsChahda, Romy Jane
2020Computational fluid dynamics investigations over conventional, modified, and twisted Savonius wind turbinesRizk, Maysa'a