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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Air dispersion modeling and simulationHaydar, Clara
2022Al-mutanabbi cultural centre : a project done in baghdad, IraqYaqoob, Maria
2021Al-Nur square reevaluationRadwan, Rami Zakaria
2023Alba metaverse, brand identity and communicationNajjar, Lynn
2023Alternatives to improve the shear behavior of beams made with recycled concrete aggregatesSemaan, Gloria
2019Analysis of a class of nonlinear tuned mass dampersDairi, Nizar
2022Analysis of air quality monitoring data in the urban-industrial region of Chekka/SelaataAkel, Clara
2018Analysis of current car bumper systems and development of a new process approachMetni, Paissios; Dib, Eddy
2022Analysis of the mechanical properties distribution in the vehicle's chassis and outer shellBatash, Jean
2021Analytical calculation of the interaction magnetic force between cuboidal permanent magnetsAbdallah, Georgio
2023Analyzing repression and expression of trauma in saleem haddad’s guapa and rabih alameddine’s I, the divineAziz, Eddy
2023Anfeh Al Koura, your winter destination : integrated marketing communication planMahfoud, Cilia
2020Anti-proliferative activity of aqueous Yerba Mate (Ilex Paraguariensis) extracts and its bioactive compounds on different adenocarcinoma cell linesGhanem, Rita
2021Anxiety and depression symptoms in former child soldiers in correlation to the role they had in Bab Al Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen armed conflict, LebanonBissar, Dana El
2023The applicaion [sic] application of photocatalytic mortar for BTEX and heavy metal removal from industrial wastewaterGhanem, Rawan
2020Application of an organic rankine cylce [sic] cycle for waste heat recovery using the exhaust and coolant of a diesel generatorDina, Ronald
2022ASMR Center : EcouteDarazi, Emma
2022Aspen Plus simulation and life cycle assessment of hospital wastewater treatment using membrane bioreactors techniqueMjalled, Alaa
2020Assesment [sic] Assessment of process parameters on pellets' quality using different raw materialsAbou Haidar, Ayla
2019Assessing environmental benefits of urban forests and associated economic values of carbon dioxide reduction in te Mohafazat of BeirutAbou Zeid, Farah