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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002The Jews of Lebanon: History, Identity, MemorySchulze, Kirsten
2020Knowledge and attitudes toward cigarette and narghile smoking among previous smokers in LebanonAkiki, Zeina; Saadeh, Danielle; Haddad, Chadia; Sacre, Hala; Hallit, Souheil; Salameh, Pascale
Feb-2022Knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions of dairy farmers regarding antibiotic use: Lessons from a developing countryDankar, Iman; Hassan, Hussein; Serhan, Mireille 
2018Land Tenure and the concept of “Property”: the History of Legal Practice in Syria and Lebanon in the Last Century of the Ottoman EmpireGuéno, Vanessa
1998Le couvent Saint-Georges de Bayroût al QadîmatDavie, May
2020Lebanon: Where to now?Ayuch, Daniel Alberto 
2017Low prevalence of occult hepatitis B infection among blood donors in Beirut, Lebanon: reconsider the deferral strategy of anti-HBc positive blood donors.Banna, Nour El; Jisr, Tamima El; Samaha, Hanadi; Chaar, Mira El 
4-Jan-2023Lung cancer screening in Lebanon: Joint statement from the Lebanese Pulmonary Society and the Lebanese Society of Medical OncologyAoun-Bacha, Zeina; Bitar, Nizar; El Karak, Fadi; Juvelekian, Georges; Nasr, Fadi; Nehme, Ralph; Tfayli, Arafat; Zeineddine, Salah
2022L’enseignement du français au Liban : problèmes et perspectivesSerhan, Carla 
1-Jan-2018Maritime archaeology in the developing world: The case of LebanonSemaan, Lucy
2021May measurement month 2019: an analysis of blood pressure screening results from LebanonRobert N. Najem; Ahmad Halawi; Bassem Tanios; Rasha Ambriss; Bikai, Rana El; Giles Partington; Thomas Beaney; Neil R. Poulter; Ali Abu Alfa
6-Jan-2020Measles and mumps outbreaks in Lebanon: trends and linksEl Zarif, Talal; Kassir, Mohamed Faisal; Bizri, Nazih; Kassir, Ghida; Musharrafieh, Umayya; Bizri, Abdul Rahman
2009Measurement of levels of heavy metal contamination in vegetables grown and sold in selected areas in LebanonChaarani, Nadine; Nakat, John El; Obeid, Pierre J. ; Aouad, Samer 
2004Medieval Wall Paintings in Lebanon: Donors and ArtistsImmerzeel, Mat
2020Microbiological quality and safety of retail chicken and beef products in LebanonYammine, J.; Karam, L.
2019The morphological characteristics of the old Lebanese churches in Koura, Batroun and Byblos from the 8th century to the 13th centuryIssa, Ghassan A.; Alkiviadis, Prepis
23-Jun-2022The multifaceted function of rubrics as formative assessment tools: A classroom-based action research in an L2 writing contextKhairallah, Megan; Adra, Omar M. 
2020Multivariate monitoring of surface water quality: physico-chemical, microbiological and 3D fluorescence characterizationDaou, Claude; Hoz, Mervat El; Kassouf, Amine; Legube, Bernard
3-Feb-2022Neglected Tropical Diseases in LebanonAlam, Walid; Mobayed, Tala; Younis, Nour; Zarif, Rana; Bizri, Nazih; Tamim, Hani; Musharrafieh, Umayya; Bizri, Abdul Rahman
Sep-2022Nurses and Midwives Role in Patient Sexual Health Assessment: A Cross-Sectional StudyAzar, Mathilde ; Kroll, Thilo; Chakhtoura, Hiba; Gebran, Vicky; Sailian, Silva Dakessian