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23-Jan-2017Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of pediatricians on infantile colic in the Middle East and North Africa regionIndrio, Flavia; Miqdady, Mohamad; Al Aql, Fahd; Haddad, Joseph; Karima, Berkouk; Khatami, Katayoun; Mouane, Nehza; Rahmani, Aiman; Alsaad, Sulaiman; Salah, Mohamed; Samy, Gamal; Tafuri, Silvio
11-Mar-2024One-step vs 2-step gestational diabetes mellitus screening and pregnancy outcomes: an updated systematic review and meta-analysisGomes, Cintia; Futterman, Itamar D; Sher, Olivia; Gluck, Bracha; Hillier, Teresa A; Ramezani Tehrani, Fahimeh; Chaarani, Nadim; Fisher, Nelli; Berghella, Vincenzo; McLaren, Rodney A