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2020Biceps tendon subluxation associated with isolated greater tuberosity fracture and bony Bankart lesion without a Hill-Sachs lesion: A case report and review of the literatureMaalouly, Joseph; Aouad, Dany; Tawk, Antonios; El Bitar, Jad; Darwish, Mohammad; El Rassi, Georges
2019Bipolar clavicular fracture on ipsilateral reverse shoulder prosthesis: Case reportMaalouly, Joseph; Aouad, Dany; Saade, Jamal; Abboud, Ghadi; El Rassi, Georges
14-Sep-2022Concomitant ipsilateral femoral neck and pelvic ring fractures in the setting of a low energy fall in an elderly patient: A case reportAouad, Dany; Sakhat, Georges; Dahdouh, Raymonde; Daher, Mohammad; El Rassi, George
2021Irreducible anterior shoulder dislocation with interposition of the lesser tuberosity and subscapularisAyoubi, Rami; Najm, Talal; Maalouly, Joseph; Aouad, Dany; Kanj, Vladimir; El Rassi, Georges