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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Electroconvective Cavity Flow Patterns created by a Cylinder-Plane ConfigurationLouste, Christophe; Daaboul, Michel ; Romat, Hubert; Traore, Philippe; Vazquez, Pedro
2018Electroconvective Cavity Flow Patterns Created by Asymmetric Electrode ConfigurationLouste, Christophe; Romat, Hubert; Traore, Philippe; Daaboul, Michel ; Vazquez, Pedro; Sosa, Roberto
2011Electrohydrodynamic Primary Break-up of Deposited DropletsLouste, Christophe; Daaboul, Michel ; Traore, Philippe; Romat, Hubert
2014Experimental Estimation of the Electric Force Induced by a Blade-Plane Actuator : Comparison of Two Reverse MethodsLouste, Christophe; Yan, Zelu; Gouriou, Clément; Traore, Philippe; Daaboul, Michel 
2014Experimental Estimation of the Electric Force Induced by Dielectric Barrier InjectionLouste, Christophe; Daaboul, Michel ; Yan, Zelu
2019Study of the Dielectric Behavior of HFE-7000 in function of Electric Field and Temperature VariationsNassar, Michelle; Chauris, Nicolas; Traore, Philippe; Yagoobi, Jamal Seyed; Michel, Anny; Daaboul, Michel ; Louste, Christophe
2017Study of the transition from conduction to injection in an electrohydrodynamic flow in blade-plane geometryDaaboul, Michel ; Traore, Philippe; Vazquez, Pedro; Louste, Christophe