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2019Bone Geometric Properties of the Femoral Neck in Underweight Eumenorrheic WomenAl Rassy, Nathalie; Matta, Joseph; Frenn, Fabienne; Maalouf, Ghassan; Rizkallah, Maroun; Bachour, Falah; Sebaaly, Amer; Hardouin , Pierre; Chauveau, Christophe; Hage, Rawad El 
2013Bone Mineral Density, Hip Bone Geometry, and Calcaneus Trabecular Bone Texture in Obese and Normal-Weight ChildrenRocher, Emilie; Hage, Rawad El ; Chappard, Christine; Portier, Hugues; Rochefort, Gaël Y; Benhamou, Claude-Laurant