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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013The immunomodulatory effect of Oxidized-LDL and/or transforming growth factor-β on peripheral T cell-mediated immune responses in patients with stable anginaGhadieh, Hilda
2016The in-vitro effect of human CRP isoforms containing azide and oxLDL on U937 derived macrophages production of cytokines involved in atherosclerosisJundi, Dania
2011Investigating the effect of native-LDL and oxidized-LDL on peripheral T cell-mediated immune responses in patients with stable angina pectorisAbou Samra, Elias
2021The LOX-1 scavenger receptor regulates the response of human aortic endothelial cells to physiological levels of MPO-oxidized LDLHindieh, Judy
4-Mar-2022Myeloperoxidase-Oxidized LDL Activates Human Aortic Endothelial Cells through the LOX-1 Scavenger ReceptorEl-Hajjar, Layal; Hindieh, Judy; Andraos, Rana; El-Sabban, Marwan; Daher, Jalil 
15-Dec-2023Novel Insights into the Link Between Myeloperoxidase Modified LDL, LOX-1, and Neuroserpin in StrokeEl-Hajjar, Layal; Miranda, Elena; El-Sabban, Marwan; Daher, Jalil 
21-Jan-2024Probiotics, gut microbiome, and cardiovascular diseases: An updateDosh, Laura; Ghazi, Maya; Haddad, Karim; El Masri, Jad; Hawi, Jihad ; Leone, Angelo; Basset, Charbel; Geagea, Alice Gerges; Jurjus, Rosalyn; Jurjus, Abdo
2022The role of cytkokines [sic] cytokines in studying the correlation between asthma and atherosclerosis in mice : the effect of asthma on the cytokine profile and atherogenesis in miceTayoun, Najib
6-May-2022Role of myeloperoxidase in inflammation and atherosclerosis (Review)Frangie, Christian; Daher, Jalil