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2018Civilians in World War II and DSM-IV mental disorders: results from the World Mental Health Survey InitiativeFrounfelker, Rochelle; Gilman, Stephen E; Betancourt, Theresa S; Aguilar-Gaxiola, Sergio; Alonso, Jordi; Bromet, Evelyn J; Bruffaerts, Ronny; de Girolamo, Giovanni; Gluzman, Semyon; Gureje, Oye; Karam, Elie; Lee, Sing; Lépine, Jean-Pierre; Ono, Yutaka; Pennell, Beth-Ellen; Popovici, Daniela G; Ten Have, Margreet; Kessler, Ronald C
2018On the comorbidity of substance use and anxiety : research and prevention recommendations for substance useDaccache, Perla Al
2016Prevalence, Correlates, and Treatment of Mental Disorders among Lebanese Older Adults: A National StudyKaram, Georges; Itani, Lynn; Fayyad, John; Karam, Aimee; Mneimneh, Zeina; Karam, Elie G.
2021The relationship between social anxiety disorder and attachment strategies among a clinical sample of Jordanian youthSadiq, Christina