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2021A challenging modified measles outbreak in vaccinated healthcare providersZmerli, Omar; Chamieh, Amanda; Maasri, Eliane; Azar, Eid; Afif, Claude
1-Mar-2024COVID-19 herd immunity in Lebanon: Challenges and prospectsMaatouk, Christopher; Germanos, Orestis; Aad, Anna Maria; Gandour, Georges; Buban, Julian M.A.; Maatouk, Ralph; Zeina, Michelle; Budhathoki, Shyam Sundar; Lucero-Prisno, Don Eliseo
24-Apr-2023Incidence of pediatric tonsillitis, otitis and upper respiratory infectious entities in the pre and post COVID-19 quarantine erasAbi Zeid Daou, Christophe; Yammine, Yara; Daou, Anne-Marie; A R Feghali, Patrick; Najjar, Wassim; Barazi, Randa