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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Cold curving symmetric unstiffened I-girdersGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
2017Cost reduction of cylindrical steel oil storage tanksHitti, Karim ; Feghali, Stephanie; Tahhan, Assad
2016Curving structural steel girders by two-point bendingGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
2018Finite element modeling of rolled steel shapes subjected to weak axis bendingSaliba, Najib G. ; Tawk, Issam ; Gergess, Antoine 
2007Full-scale cold bending demonstration testGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
2017Inelastic response of an overhanging steel beamGergess, Antoine 
2014Inelastic response of wide flange steel beams curved by symmetrical weak axis bending using two-point loadsGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
2018Optimal steel choice for reducing the cost of spherical pressure vesselsHitti, Karim ; Feghali, Stephanie; Tahhan, Assad
2011Optimized non-linear solution for bending wide flange steel beams about their strong axisGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
2010Post-yield response of cold-cambered wide flange steel beamsGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
2007Refined analysis for cold bending steel plate girdersGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan