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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Behavior of a Bayesian adaptation method for incremental enrollment in speaker verificationFredouille , Corinne; Mariethoz, J; Jaboulet , C; Mokbel, Chafic 
2017Informed Split Gradient Non-negative Matrix factorization using Huber cost function for source apportionmentChreiky, Robert; Delmaire, Gilles; Puigt, Matthieu; Roussel , Gilles; Abche, Antoine 
2001Online adaptation of HMMs to real-life conditions: a unified frameworkMokbel, Chafic 
2014A robust edge based corner detectorNachar, Rabih ; Inaty, Elie ; Bonnin, Patrick J; Alayli, Yasser
2008Some results from the biosecure talking face evaluation campaignFauve, Benoit; Berdin, Herve; Karam, Walid ; Verdet, Florian; Mayoue, Aurelien; Chollet, Gérard; Hennebert, Jean; Lewis, Richard; Mason, John; Mokbel, Chafic ; Petrovska-Delacretaz, Dijana