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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Assessment of Bond Strength of Underwater Polymer-Modified ConcreteAssaad, Joseph ; Gerges, Najib N. ; Khayat, Kamal Henri; Lattouf, Najib; Mansour, Jimmy
2019Concurrent effects of recycled aggregates and polypropylene fibers on workability and key strength properties of self-consolidating concreteMatar, Pierre; Assaad, Joseph 
2021Durability assessment and microstructural analysis of 3D Printed concrete exposed to sulfuric acid environmentsAouad, Georges
2020Parametric study on polymer-modified pigmented cementitious overlays for colored applicationsAssaad, Joseph ; Nasr, Dana ; Chwaifaty, Stephanie; Tawk, Tarek
2020Regression models to predict workability and strength of flowable concrete containing recycled aggregatesSaba, Marianne ; Homsi, Farah; Gerges, Najib N. ; Assaad, Joseph 
2019Regression Models to Predict Workability and Strength of Flowable Concrete Containing Recycles AggregatesSabatini, Marina E; Homsi, Farah; Gerges, Najib N. ; Assaad, Joseph 
2019Stability of Self-Consolidating Concrete Containing Different Viscosity ModifiersMechaymech, Ahmad; Assaad, Joseph 
2019Styrene-Butadiene Rubber Modified Cementitious Grouts for Embedding Anchors in Humid EnvironmentAssaad, Joseph ; Gerges, Najib N. 
2020Suitability of metakaolin-based geopolymers for underwater applicationsHwalla, Joud; Saba, Marianne ; Assaad, Joseph 
2020Value-added waste latex paints in masonry cement for plastering applicationsAssaad, Joseph