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2018Can a decentralized blood supply system reach 100% voluntary nonremunerated donation?Bou Assi, Tarek; Haddad, Antoine; Haddad, Laura; Garraud, Olivier
2019Community mobilization for a safe life for childrenHilani, Sasha
2018Determinants of treatment of mental disorders in Lebanon: barriers to treatment and changing patterns of service useKaram, Elie G.; Karam, Georges Elie; Farhat, C; Itani, L; Fayyad, J; Karam, A N; Mneimneh, Z; Kessler, R; Thornicroft, G
Jan-2023A perspective on impeding the COVID-19 pandemic: Lessons from Mongolia's comprehensive countermeasureGanzon, Jerome G; Lin, Xu; Shehata, Dina J; Gandour, Georges; Turay, Foday U; Bah, Alhaji S; Camua, Angel Anthony R; Ahmadi, Attaullah; Lucero-Prisno, Don Eliseo