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2016Flexure-shear interaction influence on curved, plate girder web longitudinal stiffener placementIssa-El-Khoury, Gaby; Linzell, Daniel G.; Geschwindner, Louis F.
2020Jack and Jill Went Up the Hill, but Jill Won Both Ways: The True Story about Differential Academic AchievementYounes, Rayya ; Capraro, Robert M.; Capraro, Mary M.; Rosli, Roslinda; Lee, Yujin; Vela, Katherine; Bevan, Danielle
2022Variability, shift-specific workloads and rationed care predictors of work satisfaction among Registered nurses providing acute care: A longitudinal studyAbed Al Ahad, Mary; Elbejjani, Martine; Simon, Michael; Ausserhofer, Dietmar; Abu-Saad Huijer, Huda ; Dhaini, Suzanne R