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2019Computational modeling of the fasted perfused rat liver : the interrelation between glucose, lipid and amino acid metabolismFayad, Rita
2022Current state of clinical trials regarding liver transplant rejectionEl Masri, Jad; El Ayoubi, Lemir Majed; Zreika, Bachir; Adhami, Fouad; El Masri, Diala; El Hage, Said; Abou-Jaoudé, Maroun
2007A distributed model of carbohydrate transport and metabolism in the liver during rest and high-intensity exerciseChalhoub, Elie ; Xie, L.; Balasubramanian, V; Kim, J.; Belovich, Joanne M
2022Quantitative analysis of the interaction of ethanol metabolism with gluconeogenesis and fatty acid oxidation in the perfused liver of fasted ratsChalhoub, Elie