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6-Oct-2022Associations between traumatic event experiences, psychiatric disorders, and suicidal behavior in the general population of Afghanistan: findings from Afghan National Mental Health SurveySabawoon, Ajmal; Keyes, Katherine M; Karam, Elie G.; Kovess-Masfety, Viviane
2022Earthly Angels and Heavenly Humans: Revisiting Gender in Christian AnthropologyNassif, Bassam A. 
2022Marriage in the Eschatological Perspective: Implications on Gender and Marital IntimacyNassif, Bassam A. 
2004Plasma glucose, insulin and catecholamine responses to a wingate test in physically active women and menVincent, Sophie; Berthon, Phanélie; Zouhal, Hassane; Moussa, Elie ; Catheline, Michel; Ferrer, Danièle Bentué; Delamarche, Arlette Gratas