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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022A comparative analysis and optimization of an automotive front bumper system using explicit finite elements method for high-velocity frontal impactSadaka, Tony E. Tarek Sadaka
2018Finite element study of rolling technologies applied in industrial fieldEsber, Monzer Al
2013Motion and finite element analysis of boeing 747-400 nose landing gearBanna, Bahaa Al; Mohaidly, Bassel
2016Permeability computation on a representative volume element (RVE) of unidirectional disordered fiber arraysHitti, Karim ; Feghali, Stephanie; Bernacki, Marc
1-Jan-2022Temperature effects on the design parameters of a geothermal pileArairo, Wahib ; Masrouri, Farimah; Abdallah, Adel; Rosin-Paumier, Sandrine; Sraj, Omar; Khatib, Milad
2006Three dimensional finite element analysis of a bike frameSarouni, Mazen El