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2021Associations of Omega-3 fatty acids with brain morphology and volume in cognitively healthy older adults: A narrative reviewMacaron, Tony; Giudici, Kelly Virecoulon; Bowman, Gene L; Sinclair, Alan; Stephan, Elie; Vellas, Bruno; de Souto Barreto, Philipe
2022Cannabis Use and Misuse in Older AdultsKhoury, Rita; Maliha, Peter; Ibrahim, Roy
2011Developing capacities in aging studies in the middle east: implementation of an arabic version of the CANE IV among community-dwelling older adults in LebanonAbi Habib, Laurie E.; Chemaitelly, Hiam S; Jaalouk, Lina Y ; Karam, Nadim E
2017Fracture liaison service: report on the first successful experience from the middle eastBachour, Falah; Rizkallah, Maroun; Sebaaly, Amer; Barakat, Angelique; Razzouk, Hiba; Hage, Rawad El ; Nasr, Riad; Khoury, Mirvat El; Maalouf, Ghassan
2022Illicit Drug Use in Older Adults: An Invisible Epidemic?Ghantous, Ziad; Ahmad, Victoria; Khoury, Rita
2019Influence of three different types of physical training programs on bone mineral density in a group of elderly subjectsNasr, Riad; Rassy, Nathalie Al; Watelain, Eric; Ishac, S.; Abdul Al, Obaida; Hage, Rawad El 
2021Intertrochanteric fractures treated by diaphyseal support arthroplasty with hook plate vs cerclage wires only: A retrospective cohort studyAbboud, Ghadi; Maalouly, Joseph; Tawk, Antonios; Aouad, Dany; Ayoubi, Rami; Najm, Talal; El-Hajj, Gerard; El Rassi, George; Nehme, Alexandre
2022Nicotine Use Disorder in Older AdultsBassil, Nazem K; Ohanian, Marie Lena K; Bou Saba, Theodora G
2015Probiotic effect of lebanese darfiyeh cheese: a randomized case control prospective study in the elderlySaber, Toufic; Irani, Jihad; Afif, Claude; Bassil, Nazem; Estephane, Elie; Serhan, Mireille ; Bassil, Marcel
1-Jan-2016What is the health status of institutionalized elderly in Lebanon? A preliminary cross-sectional national surveyEl-Hayeck, Rita; Boulos, Christa; Sahyoun, Francois; Bassil, Nazem; Jalloul, Salam; Beainy, Chawkat; Baddoura, Rafic