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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Analysis of current car bumper systems and development of a new process approachMetni, Paissios; Dib, Eddy
2018Assessment of bond strengths of underwater polymer-modified concreteMansour, Jimmy; Lattouf, Najib
2020The black market exchange rate in Lebanon : what are the factors that impact its fluctuation?Rafihi, Asmaa
2018Comparison between CFRP wrapping and ACI confinement regulations on plastic hinge behaviorJoukhadar, Nicolas El
2021COVID-19 workforce health, safety and wellbeing : a case study of a private hospital in North LebanonJreige, Crystel
2018Design and development of a tailored front bumperZeitoun, Joseph; Bitar, Zaher
2018Development of concrete mix for road repairAmine, Yara; Awde, Aref
2018Development of concrete using wood aggregatesAzizi, Joseph; Mitri, Crystal
2018Diesel-biodiesel blend synthesis and characterization-biofuel for electrical generators and industrial applicationsFazaa, Michèle; Abi Haidar, Georges
2018The effect of heart rate variability biofeedback on stress in a Lebanese student population : an experimental studyFinianos, Jessica
2020The effect of management control on employee motivation and performance in Lebanese pharmaceutical firmsHabib, Tania
2018Effect of myeloperoxidase modified LDL on bovine and human aortic endothelial cellsSamad, Ghadir AbdelLatif El
2018An exploratory research of Lebanese millennials employee engagement in LebanonMokbel, Farah
2021Exploring the anxiety levels of frontliners working in the emergency rooms in North Lebanon hospitals during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemicHamzeh, Dayana
2021Factors affecting enterprise risk management readiness in hospitals : a survey in North Lebanon and AkkarGereige, Maria
2018Feasibility of underground earthquake braceletGerges, Amal
2018Finite element study of rolling technologies applied in industrial fieldEsber, Monzer Al
2020Hero Plus What : positive psychological capital in Lebanese civil society organizations' leadersDennawi, Ghada
2021An image segmentation system : a novel super pixel based approach applied to image segmentationAbboud, Elie
2020An implementation of integrated marketing and communication strategy in collaboration with digital influencersHawshar, Ghina