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20213D concRetE durAbility iMprovement (3DREAM)Inaty, Francois Al-
2022Alternatives to Enhance the Structural Performance of PET-Modified Reinforced Concrete BeamsAssaad, Joseph ; Khalil, Mario; Khatib, Jamal
1-Jan-2022Bond to Bar Reinforcement of PET-Modified Concrete Containing Natural or Recycled Coarse AggregatesAssaad, Joseph ; Khatib, Jamal M.; Ghanem, Rawan
2022Cost-to-performance assessment of polyvinyl alcohol fibers in concrete structuresJabbour, Ralph; Assaad, Joseph ; Hamad, Bilal
2020Development of a lightweight concrete mix suitable for 3D printing applicationsAkkad, Mariam
1-Jan-2022The Effect of Adding Phragmites australis Fibers on the Properties of ConcreteMachaka, Meheddene; Khatib, Jamal; Baydoun, Safaa; Elkordi, Adel; Assaad, Joseph 
2014The effect of concrete vertical construction joints on the modulus of ruptureIssa, Camille; Gerges, Najib N. ; Fawaz, Samer Mohammad
2015Effect of construction joints on the splitting tensile strength of concreteGerges, Najib N. ; Issa, Camille; Fawaz, Samer Mohammad
2021Effect of plastics on concrete plain and structural propertiesKhalil, Mario
2022Experimental study of bulletproof concreteTawk, Issam ; Semaani, Eddy; Aouad, Georges 
2019Feasibility of concrete mixtures containing cross-linked polyethylene waste materialsZéhil, Gérard-Philippe; Assaad, Joseph 
1-Jan-2022Flexural and Shear Strengths of Structural Concrete Containing Plastic Wastes and Styrene–Butadiene Rubber LatexEl-Khatib, Ahmad; Assaad, Joseph 
2022Geopolymer paste as a repairing material for concreteFrangieh, Carina
2020Rheological characterization of 3D printable light weight concreteJazzar, Dana El-
2022Structural properties of fiber-reinforced concrete containing thermosetting polymer plastic wastesRaad, Dona; Assaad, Joseph 
2018The use of calcium sulfoaluminate cement to mitigate the alkali silica reaction in mortarsKleib, Joelle; Aouad, Georges ; Louis, Ghislain; Zakhour, Mirvat; Boulos, Madona; Rousselet, Angelique; Bulteel, David