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2019First Detection of Colistin-Resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae in Association with NDM-5 Carbapenemase Isolated from Clinical Lebanese PatientsNawfal Dagher, Tania; Azar, Eid; Al-Bayssari, Charbel ; Chamieh, Amanda S; Rolain, Jean-Marc
2020Intestinal carriage of colistin-resistant Enterobacteriaceae at Saint Georges Hospital in LebanonNawfal Dagher, Tania; Al-Bayssari, Charbel ; Chabou, Selma; Baron, Sophie; Hadjadj, Linda; Diene, Seydina M; Azar, Eid; Rolain, Jean-Marc
2017A novel mutation in pmrB mediates colistin resistance during therapy of acinetobacter baumanniiDahdouh, Elias; Gómez-Gil, Rosa; Sanz, Sonia; González-Zorn, Bruno; Daoud, Ziad; Mingorance, Jesús; Suárez, Monica