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2012Anthropometric Predictors of Geometric Indices of Hip Bone Strength in a Group of Lebanese Postmenopausal WomenHage, Rawad El ; Baddoura, Rafic
2013Bone mineral content and density in obese, overweight and normal weight adolescent boysHage, Zaher El; Theunynck, Denis; Jacob, Christophe ; Moussa, Elie ; Baddoura, Rafic; Zunquin, Gautier; Hage, Rawad El 
2019Does the Severity of Obesity Influence Bone Mineral Density Values in Premenopausal Women?Hammoud, Emneh; Toumi, Hechmi; Jacob, Christophe ; Pinti, Antonio; Lespessailles, Eric; Hage, Rawad El 
2010Femoral neck geometry in overweight and normal-weight adolescent girlsHage, Rawad El ; Moussa, Elie ; Jacob, Christophe 
2012Geometric indices of hip bone strength in obese, overweight, and normal-weight adolescent boysHage, Rawad El 
2013Geometric Indices of Hip Bone Strength in Obese, Overweight, and Normal-Weight Adolescent GirlsHage, Rawad El ; Hage, Zaher El; Moussa, Elie ; Jacob, Christophe ; Zunquin, Gautier; Theunynck, Denis
2014Geometric indices of hip bone strength in overweight and control elderly menHage, Rawad El ; Theunynck, Denis; Rocher, Emilie; Baddoura, Rafic
2013Influence of the weight status on hip bone mineral density in young malesHage, Rawad El 
2018The relationships between bone variables and physical fitness across the BMI spectrum in young adult womenRassy, Nathalie Al; Bakouny, Ziad; Matta, Joseph; Frenn, Fabienne; Maalouf, Ghassan; Rizkallah, Maroun; Bachour, Falah; Sebaaly, Amer; Hardouin , Pierre; Chauveau, Christophe; Hage, Rawad El