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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Assesment [sic] Assessment of process parameters on pellets' quality using different raw materialsAbou Haidar, Ayla
2016Biodiesel production by transesterification reaction of sunflower vegetable oil over CaO/ZSM5 catalystsBaghdadi, Jana; Kheir, Nadine El
2015Biodiesel production by transesterification reaction of sunflower vegetable oil over KOH/Clinker catalystsFarah, Yorgo; Zakharia, Abdallah
2015Biodiesel production from refined sunflower vegetable oil over zeolite supported catalystsSaba, Tony
2014Biodiesel production from straight vegetable oils using heterogeneous catalysisKhoury, Maroulla El
2015Biodiesel production over CaO supported on silica nanopowderYazbek, Ali; Chaarani, Nour Al
2016Biodiesel synthesis from olive oil using potassium hydroxide catalystKhoury, Dany; Abul Khalik, Inass
2020CaO from local limestone : a novel catalyst for green diesel productionLattouf, Sally; Gerges, Habib
2018Diesel-biodiesel blend synthesis and characterization-biofuel for electrical generators and industrial applicationsFazaa, Michèle; Abi Haidar, Georges
2017Hydrotalcites used for biodiesel and natural gas productionHaydar, Reem; Youssef, Yara
2020Seashell-derived catalysts for biodiesel production : reaction kinetics, energy balance, and process optimizationNahas, Les
2018Synthesis and characterization of waste cooking oil based biodiesel : design of a new alternative biofuel in the Lebanese scopeSamad, Hassan El; Jadam, Majd; Jaafar, Sojoud