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2020Damping behaviour analysis of 3d printed samples with poresGoken, J; Saba, Nicolas 
2021Durability assessment and microstructural analysis of 3D printed concrete exposed to sulfuric acid environmentsBaz, Bilal; Aouad, Georges ; Kleib, Joelle; Bulteel, David; Remond, Sébastien
2020Effect of the printing method and mortar's workability on pull-out strength of 3D printed elementsBaz, Bilal Adnan; Aouad, Georges ; Rémonda, Sébastien
2021Inter-layer reinforcement of 3D printed concrete elementsBaz, Bilal; Aouad, Georges ; Khalil, Noura; Remond, Sébastien
2020Mechanical assessment of concrete - Steel bonding in 3D printed elementsBaz, Bilal Adnan; Aouad, Georges ; Leblond, Philippe; Mansouri, Omar Al-; D'hondt, Melody; Rémonda, Sébastien
2017Numerical and experimental studies of aggregate blocking in mortar extrusionCheikh, Khadija El; Rémonda, Sébastien; Khalil, Noura; Aouad, Georges 
2018Reinforcement of 3D printed concreteKhadem, Mahmoud; Zaydan, Nicole
2017Use of calcium sulfoaluminate cements for setting control of 3D-printing mortarsKhalil, Noura; Aouad, Georges ; Cheikh, Khadija El; Rémonda, Sébastien