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2014An assessment model for structural performance of subway systemsSemaan, Nabil ; Zayed, Tarek
1-Jan-2022Client-driven performance-evaluation framework for municipal infrastructureShahata, Khaled; El-Zahab, Samer; Zayed, Tarek; Alfalah, Ghasan
1-Jan-2022A machine learning-based model for real-time leak pinpointing in buildings using accelerometersEl-Zahab, Samer; Al-Sakkaf, Abobakr; Mohammed Abdelkader, Eslam; Zayed, Tarek
1-Jan-2020A novel lazy serpent algorithm for the prioritization of leak repairs in water networksEl-Zahab, Samer; Al-Sakkaf, Abobakr; Abdelkader, Eslam Mohammed; Zayed, Tarek
2016The predicted performance curve (PPC): a new structural performance deterioration model for concrete infrastructureSemaan, Nabil ; Zayed, Tarek
2022Rehabilitation of municipal infrastructure using risk-based performanceShahata, Khaled; El-Zahab, Samer; Zayed, Tarek; Alfalah, Ghasan
2010A stochastic diagnostic model for subway stationsSemaan, Nabil ; Zayed, Tarek
2011Structural performance model for subway systemsSemaan, Nabil ; Zayed, Tarek
2022A study of accelerometer signal decay in small pipelinesEl-Zahab, Samer; Jazzar, Ibrahim; Zayed, Tarek
2009Subway station diagnosis index condition assessment modelSemaan, Nabil ; Zayed, Tarek