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2018Applying the socio-economic approach to improve efficiency and employees performance in NGOs : the case of an autism centerChaanine, Luciana
2018Business development of banking sector through seam methodology : case of Lebanese bankingBarakat, Raghida Khalil
2017Classical management vs SEAM impact on hospital operations improvement & accountability programRabaa, Sally Al
2018Contribution of socio-economic approach to management (seam) to the information and telecommunication sectorMallah, Mohamad
2017Increasing profitability by minimizing hidden costs in hospital inpatient revenue cycle using socio-economic approach to management (SEAM)Olleik, Adel
2017Investigating the impact of socio-economic management theory of east mediterranean healthcare employee performance intervention research case studyMazen, Hazim
2018Investigating the root causes of patient delay in the healthcare industryKobrossi, Jamil ; Bonnet, Mark; Tabchoury, Patrick
2017Prescriptive management practice between theory and measurable outcomes : improving performance of an international inspection and certification bodyHaddad, Pierre El
2018The procurement management : a trial to improve its effectiveness and efficiency in private hospitalsAkiki, Youssef Nohad
2017SEAM contribution to meet the internal and external challenges in a private Lebanese universityKouran, Oumaya el-
2018The seam contribution to the management of theatrical performances : the case of Château Trianon-LebanonKhabbaz, Lara
2017Socio-economic contribution to health care strategic planningNehme, Ziad 
2017Strategic human resource management on small family businessMasry, Jihane
2017Sustaining profitability in the marketing industry in Saudi Arabia through socio-economic approach to management (SEAM) implementationSaba, Habib E.
2021Transforming hidden conflicts into participation: The case of charismatic leadership in the Middle EastEl Haddad, Pierre; Bonnet, Marc; Tabchoury, Patrick