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2017Integrating Complementary and Traditional Practices in Middle-Eastern Supportive Cancer CareBen-Arye, Eran; Samuels, Noah; Daher, Michel; Turker, Ibrahim; Nimri, Omar; Rassouli, Maryam; Silbermann, Michael
1-Jan-2015The middle east cancer consortium promotes palliative careSilbermann, Michael; Daher, Michel; Fahmi-Abdalla, Rasha; Jaloudi, Mohammed A.; Hassan, Azza A.
2018Refugees in Conflict: Creating a Bridge Between Traditional and Conventional Health Belief ModelsBen-Arye, Eran; Bonucci, Massimo; Daher, Michel; Kebudi, Rejin; Saad, Bashar; Breitkreuz, Thomas; Rassouli, Maryam; Rossi, Elio; Gafer, Nahla; Nimri, Omar; Hablas, Mohamed; Kienle, Gunver Sophia; Samuels, Noah; Silbermann, Michael