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2016Arthroscopic Resection of a Bilateral Calcaneonavicular Coalition in a ChildNehme, Alexandre H; Bou Monsef, Jad; Bou Ghannam, Alaa G; Imad, Joseph P; Moucharafieh, Ramzi; Wehbe, Joseph
2020Nerve transfers in the upper extremity: A reviewMoucharafieh, Ramzi C; Badra, Mohammad I; Boulos, Karl A; Mansour, Jad I; Daher, Jimmy C; Wardani, Hassan M; Nour, Hicham G Abd El; Sayde, Elias G; Nehme, Alexandre H
2019Rectus abdominis free tissue transfer in lower extremity reconstruction: Long term follow up in 58 casesMoucharafieh, Ramzi C; Nehme, Alexandre H; Badra, Mohammad I; Rahal, Mohammad Jawad H