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18-Jan-2022Cohort profile: biological pathways of risk and resilience in Syrian refugee children (BIOPATH)McEwen, Fiona S; Popham, Cassandra; Moghames, Patricia; Smeeth, Demelza; de Villiers, Bernadette; Saab, Dahlia; Karam, Georges; Fayyad, John; Pluess, Michael; karam, Elie G.
1-May-2024Hair hormone data from Syrian refugee children: Perspectives from a two-year longitudinal studyMay, Andrew K.; Smeeth, Demelza; McEwen, Fiona; Moghames, Patricia; Karam, Elie G.; Rieder, Michael J.; Elzagallaai, Abdelbaset A.; van Uum, Stan; Pluess, Michael
Jan-2023Predictors of psychological risk and resilience among Syrian refugee childrenPopham, Cassandra M.; McEwen, Fiona S.; Karam, Elie G.; Fayyad, John; Karam, Georges; Saab, Dahlia; Moghames, Patricia; Pluess, Michael