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2011Chemical analysis of the essential oils from punica granatum, vitis vinifera and cuburbita maxima seeds grown in Lebanon by GC/MS+Bakkour, Youssef; Makhoul, Salim; Nakat, Hanna El ; Omar, Fawaz El
2010Chemical composition of Punica Granatum, Vitis Vinifera and Cucurbita Maxima seeds grown in Lebanon by GC/MSMakhoul, Salim; Bakkour, Youssef; Nakat, Hanna El ; Omar, Fawaz El
2012The lebanese citrus aurantium: a promising future in medicinal phytochemistryMakhoul, Salim; Bakkour, Youssef; Nakat, Hanna El ; Omar, Fawaz El
2011Medicinal plants from Zahleh-Lebanon : a statistical and phytochemical approachMakhoul, Salim
2014Proton-transfer-reaction mass spectrometry for the study of the production of volatile compounds by bakery yeast startersMakhoul, Salim; Romano, Andrea; Cappellin, Luca; Spano, Giuseppe; Nakat, Hanna El 
2015PTR-ToF-MS and food bioprocesses: potential in monitoring VOCs release by starter cultures during food fermentationCapozzi, Vittorio; Makhoul, Salim; Romano, Andrea; Spano, Giuseppe; Aprea, Eugenio; Cappellin, Luca; Mark, Tilmann D.; Nakat, Hanna El ; Guzzo, Jean; Gasperi, Flavia; Scampicchio, Matteo; Biasioli, Franco
2015Volatile compound production during the bread-making process: effect of flour, yeast and their interactionMakhoul, Salim; Romano, Andrea; Capozzi, Vittorio; Spano, Giuseppe; Aprea, Eugenio; Nakat, Hanna El