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2019Experimental and numerical study of the damage mechanisms in hybrid unidirectional/woven composites under impact loadingMahmoud, Bassam; Manseri, L.; Rogani, A.; Navarro, Pablo; Marguet, Steven; Ferrero, Jean-Francois; Tawk, Issam 
2016Experimental study of the interlaminar fracture of composite materials in mode IIITawk, Issam ; Rishmany, Jihad ; Saba, Nicolas ; Mahmoud, Bassam
2017Semi-continuous strategy for the modelling of damage mechanisms in unidirectional composites under low velocity impactsMahmoud, Bassam; Torrecilla, Marcos Colungo; Navarro, Pablo; Marguet, Steven; Tawk, Issam ; Ferrero, Jean-Francois