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2021Changing Management of Hematological Malignancies With COVID-19: Statement and Recommendations of the Lebanese Society of Hematology and Blood TransfusionIbrahim, Ahmad; Noun, Peter; Khalil, Charbel; Taher, Ali
2014Design of label slitting machineIbrahim, Ahmad; Fakhoury, Ziad
7-Jan-2023Mesenchymal stem cells-derived secretome and extracellular vesicles: perspective and challenges in cancer therapy and clinical applicationsGemayel, Jack; Chaker, Diana; El Hachem, Georges; Mhanna, Melissa; Salemeh, Rawad; Hanna, Colette; Harb, Frederic ; Ibrahim, Ahmad; Chebly, Alain; Khalil, Charbel
2017Prescription patterns for tigecycline in severely Ill patients for non-FDA approved indications in a developing country: A compromised outcomeMoghnieh, Rima A.; Abdallah, Dania I.; Fawaz, Ismail A.; Hamandi, Tarek; Kassem, Mohamad Al; Rajab, Nabila El-; Jisr, Tamima El; Mugharbil, Anas; Droubi, Nabila; Tabah, Samaa Al; Sinno, Loubna; Ziade, Fouad; Daoud, Ziad; Ibrahim, Ahmad
25-Jan-2022QTc prolongation during levofloxacin and triazole combination chemoprophylaxis: Prevalence and predisposing risk factors in a cohort of hematopoietic cell transplantation recipientsMoghnieh, Rima; Khalil, Ahmad; Bizri, Nazih; Francis, Nadine; Imad, Sabine; Mezher, Maria; Mrad, Zahraa; Ibrahim, Jad; Zahran, Kamal; Farroukh, Farah; Itani, Malak; Assaad, Amani; Sinno, Loubna; Abdallah, Dania; Ibrahim, Ahmad