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2016Increasing the live load on pre-stressed concrete bridges : structural design and cost benefit analysisNajjar, Cherine; Greige, Sandra; Barakat, Marianne
2013Issam Fares library learning centerKhatib, Elissar El; Sahmarany, Mohamad Al
2016Optimization of construction cost and schedules of RC structuresHajj, Hussein El; Khazal, Mahmoud; Zreika, Mustafa
2015Project management (cost estimation & planning)Chamchoum, Laurent
2013Structural design of 6 sotries building Sahel Alma-LebanonChahine, Khaled; Ayass, Hassan Al
2013Structural design of a 12 story building in TripoliAhmad, Yehya; Abdallah, Ahmad
2013Structural steel design of a warehouse (Nigeria - Africa)Jundi, Oussama; Salma, Loukman; Sayed, Mohamed El
2016Three story residential villa designNajjar, Elias
2016Using AASHTO for traffic light adjustment located in Amioun, North LebanonJabr, Ibrahim; Faddoul, Clay
2012Zakrun road designSaba, Nicolas ; Jabbour, Mike; Nasr, Elie