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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Analysis of a class of nonlinear tuned mass dampersDairi, Nizar
2008Analysis of a class of suspension bridge cablesAlameddine, Youmna; Saadeh, Gabriel
2013Analysis of arches using theoretical and experimental studiesGreige, Marwa; Fay, Rayane El; Najjar, Samar
2021Bahavior of a 2-Mass Tuned-Mass-Damper (TMD) on a Single Degree of Freedom (SDOF) SystemIskandar, Joseph; Fares, Nabil; Abi Zeid Daou, Roy; Moreau, Xavier
2016Cable stay bridges modelsSleiman, Christian
2007Characterization of discrete supports through tiltmeter measurementsShammas, Zeina; Sarkis, Raiif
2019Dynamic analysis of a submerged tuned-mass damper for a tension leg platform offshore structureNajjar, Anthony; Mansour, Ibrahim
2015Effect of beam-column connection-stiffness on the lateral behavior of buildingsJamal, Alissar; Rahim, Lara; Hage, Layal El
2019Feasibility of the underground earthquake braceletGerges, Amal; Fares, Nabil
2018Feasibility of underground earthquake braceletGerges, Amal
2015New link slabs model and solutionHawi, Philippe; Rached, Rached; Saade, George
2015Optimal truss geometric configurations for a family of truss bridgesSarraf, Haytham; Bassim, Raymond
2013Parametric analaysis of a class of shear wall buildingsArab, Rita; Tabet, Nathalie
2018Parametric study of a class of arch bridge modelsBou Rizk, Ramez; Mokbel, Ahmad; Bacha, Charbel
2015Parametric study of repeating-unit arched truss bridgesElia, Georges; Abbass, Yussef
2012Practical approximate analysis of beams and framesFares, Nabil
2018Reducing material to gain load capacityFarah, Farah ; Antoun, Mario
2010Stability analysis of the first order steady-state solution in the czochralski crystal growth processGerges, Najib N. ; Fares, Nabil; Snider, Arthur David
2005Structural optimization of simple truss bridgesDaaboul, Maroun; Farah, Joseph; Kabbara, Abdel Salam
2015A study of a 2-mass tuned-mass-damper (TMD) on a single degree of freedom (SDOF) systemIskandar, Joseph; Mahfoud, Elina; Stephan, Amanda