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2005Hydroxynonenal and uncoupling proteins : a model for protection against oxidative damageEchtay, Karim ; Pakay, Julian L.; Esteves, Telma C.; Brand, Martin D
2004Mitochondrial superoxide and aging : uncoupling protein activity and superoxide productionBrand, Martin D; Buckingham, Julie A.; Esteves, Telma C.; Green, Katherine; Lambert, Adrian J.; Miwa, Satomi; Murphy, Michael P.; Pakay, Julian L.; Talbot, Darren A.; Echtay, Karim 
2003A signalling role for 4 - hydroxy - 2 - nonenal in regulation of mitochondrial uncouplingEchtay, Karim ; Esteves, Telma C.; Pakay, Julian L.; Jekabsons, Mika B.; Lambert, Adrian J.; Portero‐Otín, Manuel; Pamplona, Reinald; Vidal‐Puig, Antonio J.; Wang, Steven; Roebuck, Stephen J.; Brand, Martin D
2004Ubiquinone is not required for proton conductance by uncoupling protein 1 in yeast mitochondriaEsteves, Telma C.; Echtay, Karim ; Jonassen, Tanya; Clarke, Catherine F.; Brand, Martin D