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2019Acinetobacter spp in a Third World Country with Socio-economic and Immigrants ChallengesDandachi, Iman; Azar, Eid; Hamouch, Ramzi; Maliha, Peter; Abdallah, Samah; Kanaan, Elie; Badawi, Rebecca; Khairallah, Tamara; Matar, Ghassan M.; Daoud, Ziad
2019Analysis of CAST in 9 Lebanese hospitals between 2008 and 2017Farah, Joseph; Jabbour, Eliane; Haidar, Asad; Souidan, Hassan; Soboh, Ismail; Massaad, Nadine; Dandachi, Iman; Moghnieh, Rima A.; Samaha, Roula; Daoud, Ziad
2015Carriage of multi drug resistant enterobacteriaceae among nursing home residents in North LebanonDandachi, Iman
2019Dissemination of Multidrug-Resistant and mcr-1 Gram-Negative Bacilli in Broilers, Farm Workers, and the Surrounding Environment in LebanonDandachi, Iman; Fayad, Elie; Sleiman, Ahmad; Daoud, Ziad; Rolain, Jena-Marc
2017Fecal carriage of MDROs in a population of Lebanese elderly : Dynamics and impact on bacterial fitnessChallita, Caren; Dahdouh, Elias; Attieh, Michel; Dandachi, Iman; Ragheb, Elio; Taoutel, Roy; Tanba, Carl; Daoud, Ziad
2018Prevalence and characterization of multi-drug-resistant gram-negative bacilli isolated from lebanese poultry : A nationwide studyDandachi, Iman; Sokhn, Elie; Dahdouh, Elias; Azar, Eid; Bazzal, Bassel El; Rolain, Jena-Marc; Daoud, Ziad
2018Prevalence of Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamase-Producing Gram-Negative Bacilli and Emergence of mcr-1 Colistin Resistance Gene in Lebanese Swine FarmsDandachi, Iman; Fayad, Elie; Bazzal, Bassel El; Daoud, Ziad; Rolain, Jena-Marc
2019Understanding the Epidemiology of Multi-drug Resistant Gram-negative Bacilli in the Middle East Using a one Health ApproachDandachi, Iman; Chaddad, Amer; Hanna, Jason; Matta, Jessika; Daoud, Ziad