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2013Assessment of the Microbiological Quality and Safety of Common Spices and Herbs Sold in LebanonDebs, Esperance ; Zouki, Joelle El; Dabboussi, Fouad
2010Glucosinolates : An Efficient Arsenal for Defense in Plants with Good Promise for Health in HumansAttieh, Jihad ; Barbar, Abir; Dabboussi, Fouad
2014Incidence of Helicobacter pylori in Tripoli's Drinkable Water by PCR. Correlation with Its Prevalence in Patients.Badran, Richard; Dabboussi, Fouad; Debs, Esperance 
2009An investigation into the presence of genetically modified corn in LebanonBassil, Naji Milad
2015Screening and chemical identification of antimicrobial compounds produced by bacteria isolated from Lebanese soil samplesYouness, Richard; Dabboussi, Fouad; Beyrouthy, M. El; Aouad, Samer ; Debs, Esperance 
2015Screening of Mutagenicity of Some Food Snacks Retailed on the Lebanese MarketDebs, Esperance ; Saad, Farah; Dabboussi, Fouad