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201815-Copper(ii)-containing 36-tungsto-4-silicates(iv) [Cu15O2(OH)10X(A-α-SiW9O34)4]25- (X = Cl, Br) : synthesis, structure, magnetic properties, and electrocatalytic CO2 reductionBassil, Bassem ; Haider, Ali; Ibrahim, Masooma; Mougharbel, Ali S.; Bhattacharya, Saurav; Christian, Jonathan H.; Bindra, Jasleen K.; Dalal, Naresh S.; Wang, Meng; Zhang, Guangjin; Keita, Bineta; Rutkowska, Iwona A.; Kuleszag, Pawel J.; Kortz, Ulrich
2016Cr(III)-substituted heteropoly-16-tungstates [Cr(III)2(B-β-X(IV)W8O31)2](14-) (X = Si, Ge)Liu, Wenging; Oweini, Rami Al; Meadows, Karen; Bassil, Bassem ; Lin, Zhengguo; Christian, Jonathan H.; Dalal, Naresh S.; Bossoh, A.M; Mbomekallé, I.M; De Oliveira, P; Iqbal, Jamshed; Kortz, Ulrich