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2016Mixed-valent Mn16-containing heteropolyanions: Tuning of Oxidation State and Associated Physicochemical PropertiesHaider, Ali; Ibrahim, Masooma; Bassil, Bassem ; Carey, Akina M.; Nguyen Viet, A; Xing, X; Ayass, Wassim W.; Minambres, J.F; Liu, R.; Zhang, Guangjin; Keita, Bineta; Mereacre, V; Powell, A.K; Balinski, K; N'Diaye, A.T; Kuepper, K; Chen, H.Y; Stimming, U; Kortz, Ulrich
2017Reinvestigation of dilacunary 19-tungsto-2-arsenate(III) [AsIII2W19O67(H2O)]14- including 183W NMR study in solutionWang, Kai-Yao; Bassil, Bassem ; Carey, Akina M.; Mougharbel, Ali S.; Kortz, Ulrich
2015Tetradecanuclear iron(III)-oxo nanoclusters stabilized by trilacunary heteropolyanionsIbrahim, Masooma; Haider, Ali; Xiang, Y; Bassil, Bassem ; Carey, Akina M.; Rullik, L; Jameson, G.B; Doungmene, F; Mbomekallé, I.M; De Oliveira, P; Mereacre, V; Kostakis, G.E; Powell, A.K; Kortz, Ulrich