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2020Adrenergic urticaria: a rare underdiagnosed subtypeOllaik, Farah; Dagher, Mona; Bachour, Kinan; Bachour, Julien
2020Comparison of gabapentin and doxepin in the management of uremic pruritus: A randomized crossover clinical trialHaber, Roger; Bachour, Julien; Salloum, Antoine; Maacaron, Toni; Khoury, Fares; Habr, Luciana; Ammoury, Alfred; Joubran, Najat
2018A creeping eruption of the buttocksHaber, Roger; Bachour, Julien
2022Pathophysiology, clinical findings, and management of Fox-Fordyce disease: A systematic reviewSalloum, Antoine; Bouferraa, Youssef; Bazzi, Nagham; Bou Zerdan, Maroun; Abi Chebl, Joanna; Chu, Thomas; Bachour, Julien; Benedetto, Anthony
2021Pseudoepitheliomatous keratotic and micaceous balanitis: A literature reviewSalloum, Antoine; Bazzi, Nagham; Saad, Wajih; Bachour, Julien; Mégarbané, Hala
2020Scleromyxedema treatment: a systematic review and updateHaber, Roger; Bachour, Julien; El Gemayel, Maria
2018Stony Hard Skin During Early InfancyBachour, Julien; Ghandour, Fatmeh; Ammoury, Alfred