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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Sleep quality is a determinant of hip bone mineral density in a group of young Lebanese menZakhem, Eddy ; Hage, Rawad El ; Gautier, Zunquin; Jacob, Christophe ; Moussa, Elie ; Theunynck, Denis
2016Socio-economic insecurity, anomy and rituals. Sports habits in higher education students of the Opal Coast littoralPorrovecchio, Alessandro; Zakhem, Eddy ; Warnault, Kloé; Caby, Isabelle; Masson, Philippe; Kuehn, Carl; Hurdiel, Rémy; Pezé, Thierry; Gautier, Zunquin; Theunynck, Denis
2013Standing long jump performance is a positive determinant of bone mineral density in young adult womenZakhem, Eddy ; Hage, Rawad El ; Bassil, Sarah; Moussa, Elie ; Zunquin, Gautier; Theunynck, Denis