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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2022Pathophysiology, clinical findings, and management of Fox-Fordyce disease: A systematic reviewSalloum, Antoine; Bouferraa, Youssef; Bazzi, Nagham; Bou Zerdan, Maroun; Abi Chebl, Joanna; Chu, Thomas; Bachour, Julien; Benedetto, Anthony
2021Pseudoepitheliomatous keratotic and micaceous balanitis: A literature reviewSalloum, Antoine; Bazzi, Nagham; Saad, Wajih; Bachour, Julien; Mégarbané, Hala
2019Skin adverse events in recently approved targeted therapies in solid malignanciesHabre, Maya; Salloum, Antoine; Habre, Samer Bassilios; Abi Chebl, Joanna; Dib, Racha; Kourie, Hampig Raphael
2021Skin disorders associated with the COVID-19 pandemic: A reviewAkl, Jennifer; El-Kehdy, Jessica; Salloum, Antoine; Benedetto, Anthony; Karam, Paula
2020Visual Dermatology: Cobblestone Skin, Angioid Streaks, and Gastrointestinal HemorrhageHaber, Rober; Salloum, Antoine; El Gemayel, Maria