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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Ministry of communications building designHassan, Ahmad; Houssein, Houssein; Nehme, Marc
2015Modeling, analysis and design of Shtoura hospitalKfoury, Georges; Chaa, Jad Al; Sawan, Sabine
2013Multidisciplinary approaches in engineering education for global environment: earthquake engineering from multidisciplinary to global approachMakhoul, Nisrine
2014Nahr El Fidar BridgeMakhoul, Nisrine
2020Review of site effect modeling methods considering experimental geophysical dataAbou-Jaoude, Rita; Makhoul, Nisrine; Fleurisson, Jean-Alain; Gesret, Alexandrine
2014Strengthening of Saint Georges cathedral-EhdenJabbour, Mitch; Khoury, Christian; Frangieh, Joseph
2011Structural design of a six-storey residential buildingTersom, Sameh; Chaar, Mouhamad El
2015Vibration analysis of high-speed rail system using the moving element methodMezeh, Reda; Sadek, Marwan; Hage Chehade, Fadi Hussein; Abdelmassih, Dalia; Makhoul, Nisrine; Younes, Ahmad