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23-Jan-2017Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of pediatricians on infantile colic in the Middle East and North Africa regionIndrio, Flavia; Miqdady, Mohamad; Al Aql, Fahd; Haddad, Joseph; Karima, Berkouk; Khatami, Katayoun; Mouane, Nehza; Rahmani, Aiman; Alsaad, Sulaiman; Salah, Mohamed; Samy, Gamal; Tafuri, Silvio
1-Jan-2018Practices of introduction of complementary feeding and iron deficiency prevention in the middle East and North AfricaLifschitz, Carlos H.; Miqdady, Mohamad; Indrio, Flavia; Haddad, Joseph; Tawfik, Eslam; AbdelHak, Akbari; Mouane, Nezha; Salah, Mohamed; Khatami, Katayoun; Olang, Beheshteh; Vandenplas, Yvan