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17-Jan-2016Adaptive techniques used for lifetime estimation of lithium-ion batteriesKhayat, Nachaat; Karami, Nabil
26-Jan-2015Battery equivalent circuits and brief summary of components value determination of lithium ion: A reviewWehbe, Johnny; Karami, Nabil
2017Battery modeling and lifetime predictionSalameh, Jack; Ghossein, Nagham El; Hassan, Moustapha El ; Karami, Nabil; Najjar, Maged B. 
2004Chirurgie robotisée à distanceKarami, Nabil; Ali, Fadel El
2021A GIS multiple criteria decision approach using AHP for solar power plant: the case of North LebanonIaaly, Amal ; Karami, Nabil; Khayat, Nachaat
26-Jan-2015Nickel Metal Hydride battery: Structure, chemical reaction, and circuit modelTarabay, Jihad; Karami, Nabil
2015Peltier thermoelectric deviceYounes, Antoine; Younes, Jean
26-Jan-2015Review on different charging techniques of a lithium polymer batteryFattal, Jade; Dib, Paul Bou; Karami, Nabil
26-Jan-2015Review on different charging techniques of lead-acid batteriesHorkos, Pamela G.; Yammine, Emile; Karami, Nabil
2015Review on different techniques of a phase locked loopFattal, Jade; Kassem, Moustafa
6-Jan-2015Review on the charging techniques of a Li-Ion batteryAyoub, Elie; Karami, Nabil
2015Site location analysis of a solar power plant using GISKhayat, Nachaat; Bou Dib, Paul
2015Survey on electrical modeling methods applied on different battery typesGhossein, Nagham El; Salameh, Jack; Karami, Nabil; Hassan, Moustapha El ; Najjar, Maged B.